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Software Development Engineer in Test

Boston, Massachusetts
Engineering - Infrastructure

Job Description

Who We Are:

At Wayfair, the Test Enablement group is changing the game in test and quality, focusing on data transparency and analysis, contextual guidance, education, risk assessments, and test optimizations, to drive repeatable and reliable efficiencies in delivering value to our customers.  We believe that testing right allows developers to deliver code faster and we intend to prove it.

What You'll Do:

  • Engage with Stakeholders to document manual processes noting automation opportunities
  • Perform independent test failure diagnosis and RCAs
  • Create, Execute and monitor manual and automated tests and test suites
  • Manage individual productivity and participate in Scrum activities
  • Advocate for quality, and escalate issues when needed
  • Review code to learn common dev patterns and anti-patterns
  • Create test cases and test content for both functional and educational purposes
  • Review and take action on current product/service quality state
  • Set up and configure CI tooling and Test Environments
  • Conduct Test Strategy Discussions with teams and implement resolutions
  • Participate in team strategy, roadmap definition, and planning/design phases
  • Make recommendations to product/project teams and Test Execution team
  • Write Code, Educate, and help provide a delightful testing experience
  • Review Code for Testability
  • Paired programming and workshops
  • Create Educational content, including sample code, workshops, video tutorials, and documentation
  • Participate in On-Call rotation for Supported tools and services
  • Author code for tools, frameworks, etc. new feature development
  • Participate in design and architecture discussions
  • Provide Support on the Test Tools and Infrastructure
  • Participate in Office Hours discussions
  • Comfortable using and instructing use of multiple tools and services team provides

What you'll need:

  • Ability to work influence toward testing strategy and maintainable code
  • Ability to drive testability conversations and speak about our tools and solutions
  • Strong familiarity with development languages such as (Php,JS,.Net, Python, or Java)
  • OS, Hypervisors, VMs, Containers
  • VCS (Git, SVN, etc.)
  • CI Tools (Buildkite, Jenkins, Travis, etc.)
  • Debugging
  • Test Automation Frameworks
  • PHP, Python, JS, Java, .Net
  • Agile Processes
  • Test Authoring
  • Software Development Best Practices
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