How to Prep for Your Interview

At Wayfair, we want to set everyone up for success—especially candidates! That’s why we’ve decided to share some advice and insight on how to nail your interview.

Before You Visit

Take the time to learn about the company and the people you’ll be meeting with. Having a prepared list of questions to ask during the interview will ensure you get the most out of your meeting time and will convey your interest in the position.

How to Dress

Business casual is the way to go (no need to wear a suit!) Keep it professional but feel free to let your personal style shine through.

During the Interview

Be ready for a test or case study in the event that your interviewer will want to see your skills in action, and prepare to talk about the different areas of your expertise. When answering questions, try to cite as many specific examples as possible to give your interviewer a better idea of who you are as a candidate.

What to Expect After Your Interview

Our recruiters will be in touch as soon as they receive feedback from your interview. In the meantime, send personalized thank-you notes to the people you met with. It’ll help differentiate you from other candidates!

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